Photoblog: Crater Lake, Oregon

October 31 is as good a time as any to reminisce about a wonderful outing my hubby and I took at the last moment over Labor Day weekend. We are recent empty nesters and I really wanted to take advantage of the long weekend but life gets in the way and planning was halted for one reason or another. Saturday night we were watching TV and thought, hmmm, if we could get an overnight doggie sitter we’re golden to take off tomorrow for Crater Lake. And so we did. And we saw this!

It took us 18 years to get there….The real push was that our daughter got there first – without us!! And she raved.


Crater Lake is an amazing site that makes you realize again there is a higher power. It is simply stunning!

IMG_6685 IMG_6689

We took a late short hike near the lodge and the light on the lake was amazing. Cool weather and outstanding views.


The hubby suggested a last minute triangle tour through Bend as we had traveled from Portland down I-5 through Eugene. We found a lovely hotel and walked the river front in Bend on Labor Day. We made our daughter proud with our incredible spontaneity.

If you’re anywhere near Crater Lake, it’s a must see. It’s definitely a full day’s trip on a holiday weekend! We were not the only ones that showed up in the sunshine of a waining summer. And oh yes, bring a warm coat.

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  1. Ann Farley says:

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ann Farley says:

    Great photos of a lovely place! Thanks for sharing.

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