Alaska Awaits

Kenai Lake, Cooper Landing, Alaska

Kenai Lake, Cooper Landing, Alaska

The summer has flown by; family trips to Utah and Minnesota and hikes and beach outing in Oregon. Our college student left early to start her training for her major of study and she has made the leap into Greek life. I saw an amazing eclipse last Monday in Portland. We were graced with blue skies at the University of Portland to watch the eclipse of the sun/moon above the bell tower in the Quad. The eclipse was a special moment in time when for 2 minutes everyone looked skyward together and was reminded of how utterly amazing the universe is and how small we really compared to the power of the sun. There are so many things in our life to be thankful for. A roof over our head, great food to eat, dear friends and family – the list is long. However with all the unrest in the greater world it’s hard not to get caught up in the low energy of mankind and that energy unfortunately has reared it’s head on college campuses, including my daughters. I was secretly hoping our world would realize the power and synchronicity of the universe during the eclipse and drop all cultural disagreements and live in harmony forevermore. But that didn’t happen. There are times when I really feel like I need a good dose of grounding and this next week I will look for that.

My husband and I are heading home to Alaska this week. I so look forward to breathing the clean autumn air. I expect to see a tinge of golden as the seasons are shorter in the North Country. I can’t wait to walk the Coastal Trail in Anchorage and visit with my brother and his family – maybe play a good game of Nerts. I can’t wait to drive from Anchorage to Soldotna through the mountain pass on one of the most beautiful drives on earth. And then Kenai Lake (above) – the outstanding blue green clear frigid water is healing to my soul and just being near it puts me in a place of comfort. I grew up listening to the water rush by our home on the banks of the Kenai and I so look forward to walking our Lingonberry Lane from Margie’s to Jean’s homes and taking in the fresh air. I’ll check the woods of our little road for ripe lingonberries. It may be early for them. I’ll gaze at the rushing waters of the Kenai – still blue green after all these years of power boats, fisherman and still holding up strong. We’ll head to Homer and Kachemak Bay and hopefully get out on the water – maybe to Halibut Cove? I just can’t wait. I know this will be renewing to see my family and to experience Alaska again. Thank goodness Mother Nature and home offers us the comfort when we most need a boost. Alaska – be at your best – we’re heading your way!

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