Kauai in Photos

unnamed-8Aloha. Kauai is an amazing island. It is lush and green, the beaches and water pristine and the sun shines after the rain. The sites are gorgeous. A highly recommended excursion is a boat trip up the Na Pali Coast. The sites are like no other I’ve seen from a boat, perhaps only rivaling the Gulf of Alaska in my lifetime of boat rides.
Poipu Beach in Koloa is a destination on the South side. The sun shines more consistently at Poipu than in the North. We have stayed on Poipu Beach two years in a row and have had consistent sun in March with a few rain showers sprinkled in. Kiahuna Plantation Resort has offered relaxing vacations with a beach right outside the complex and rentals for surf, snorkeling, and vacation info and excursion scheduling right at the beach hut. We love the green space the development has not turned into a pool and close proximity to the beach. Kauai
unnamed-1 unnamed-5
unnamed-2unnamed-3Waioli Huiia Church, Hanalei
KauaiKauaiQueen’s Bath – an oasis right along the coastline with waves crashing up against the outside. I saw the danger ‘swim at your own risk sign’ after we’d visited and swam in the bath. It most refreshing. Queen’s Bath is a short hike from the neighborhoods of Princeville on the way to Hanalei.

Kauai is a wonderful, relaxing vacation. The island shuts down around 9:30pm but this was good for our style of low key vacation. We appreciate the slow life and healing benefits of the sun and surf…renewing for all.

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