Captain John Cavendish

I arrived last Thursday eve, the last day in February, to a bustle in the car rental shop and evening approaching. I had not been to Boston in many many years and I knew I was in the right place landing at Logan Airport with the light of day still on the New England style houses across the bay. The last time I visited Boston my Mom met me there as well as my younger brother and the visit was two fold – work trip + fun. This time my life had changed, I have a 14 year old daughter, I live in Portland, not Minnesota but still my family and dear friend in Boston were those I wanted to connect with.

I spent two and a half days visiting my dear old friend, a peer to my parents and a faithful friend to both. Her friends welcomed me into their home like family and I spent three nights chatting and swapping stories. And then my relatives welcomed me with open arms and I stayed in the home where we would reside with 3 adults and 9 kids on those hot summers we drove across our great country from Alaska to Boston and our ultimate escape was to the shores of Cape Cod. The memories flood back and especially the fun.

This was a time for renewing relationships and forging ahead. There was a lot of reminiscing, some tears and laughter. Photos were shared and a few were taken but mostly this was a time to savor. Savoring the present and savoring my return home to Portland. Thank you, Boston.

Photos are of the home built in 1808 for Captain John Cavendish, an English sea captain. Apparently I am not the only one who fell in love with this home in Beverly, MA.

Built in 1808

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